Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Pre-Requisites: RYT-200 and certification as a Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher.  Teaching experience as Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher.

Application: Candidates for the program must complete the application form and submit it in advance of registration.

Interview: Personal interview is required as part of the application process.

Bridge Intensive: Depending on the style of yoga in which you have been trained, you may be required to take an additional 6 day “bridge” intensive and teach Contemplative Practice Yoga for 3 months minimum before beginning Yoga Therapy training.

Other styles of yoga differ significantly in their principles and practice from this therapeutic model. Familiarity with the principles of Contemplative Practice Yoga®, the underlying anatomy and its application, are crucial to your ability to practice, and to be an effective Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapist.