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Yoga Therapy is particularly affective at alleviating pain, especially when no other therapies or medical interventions have helped or when surgery is not indicated.

Yoga Therapy is based on the same principles as a Contemplative Practice Yoga® class. The focus is on releasing the deep tensions of the core of your body, and from there to address corresponding tensions.

All Yoga Therapy sessions are private, one-on-one sessions. This allows both the patient and the therapist to address particular problems or needs. The expanded scope of the session provides deeper and more profound effects t han a class. Part of every yoga therapy protocol is giving you a practice to do for yourself, specific to your abilities and to your needs.

Yoga Therapy may use one of two techniques, or a combination of both in any given session, depending on client needs. The two techniques are:

1. Yoga Poses (Asanas)

You are gently assisted through a series of carefully selected poses specific your level of ability and to your needs.

These are selected for the most effective releases not only of the deepest tensions, but also with respect to any pain you may be experiencing. The therapist also takes into account any limitations of mobility.

Each pose is fully supported, so that you are completely comfortable, allowing for opening and softening into the pose, rather than forcing or “imposing” the pose upon the body.

This deep release of tensions is called “Core Opening.” The poses reach deep into your spine and surrounding muscle structure where chronic tensions create pain, inhibit flexibility, and can affect immune function. The propping and support for comfort means you rest in a very deep state of Awareness which aids in healing and transformation. This is a gentle, tranquil process.

2. Extra Gentle, QuintessenceYoga Therapy

Extra Gentle Quintessence yoga therapy is more appropriate for you if you have a limited range of mobility, are in chronic pain or are experiencing intense pain, or if you need an even more gentle therapy than can be provided by therapy using asana as described above.

In Quintessence therapy, you rest in a comfortable, easy way while the therapist softly places her hands on different areas of your spine which releases your deepest core tensions and creates a state of restorative relaxation.

This restorative state helps to awaken your own ability to heal. Part of Quintessence therapy is also setting a practice for you to do for yourself to help with your healing.

This practice may include working with your breath and/or doing poses that are easy and appropriate for you.

The benefits of Yoga Therapy are:

• Alleviates pain, both acute and chronic pain

• Releases chronic tensions throughout your body

• Helps relieve stress and stress-related conditions throughout your body

• Helps to balance your immune system

• Quiets your mind which gives you peace of mind